What is a 'smart' meter?

What is a ‘smart’ meter?
Does it dress up in suit and tie pretending to work? Everyone complains about them and companies praise them. I’m confused, I’ve been led to understand that a ‘smart’ meter calls round to accurately check what energy you’ve used but despite requests I’ve never been given any numbers. Can someone help?

heres some n# or you can make up your own
01234567890987654321,hope this adds to the confusion :innocent:

Hi skippy, can’t use those numbers because I’ll need british gas profits to pay the bill!
Seriously though, I’ve been here two years and because of disabilities am unable to see meters which are below ground level. It’s a new build too.

I have the same disability I can’t see below ground level, as for BG they are greetin about the loss of profit
But to get back to being serious. if you cannot read your meters you can go on the priority services register(PSR) and they will arrangre someone to read them on your behalf

PS,I also have a further disability, I cannot breathe underwater

skippy, I’m hoping Bulb are seeing these posts and maybe let me know if they can help. When I switched to Bulb I did explain my situation.
Regarding ‘smart’ meters, do they exist and if so are they reliable and accurate?
PS, I can breathe underwater and enjoy reading the community posts while holding my breath. Thanks for the info’. dd

Smart meters do exist,and I’m led to believe they are reliable and accurate when 100%l,funcional unfortunately they are having a hard time making them so,(bulb in particular)
https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/sections/360007165991-About-smart-meters. Give you some light reading underwater if nothing else

What is a ‘smart’ meter?

A meter with an IQ of 10!

Had to laugh at that. Hope it soon gets sorted and Bulb customers are relieved of the stress of worrying about paying for energy.

That a squid meter rather than an :octopus:

Have you considered changing supplier, as posting on here methinks a forlorn hope
PerhAaps this one Green. (the dot is part of the name), they might actually listen to you,
they also have 24/7 chat with a real live human person. That nice Mr Scudo could perchance enlighten you more, as I beleive he is with them.
You must have the patience of Job to put up with their non response this long, that is above and beyond


Probably your best bet is to contact green. , and discuss the issue with them on live chat, before deciding if you want to switch.


One reason apart from being cheaper than Bulb that I switched was that I didn’t have to take a Smart meter.