What is Bulb's fuel mix?

You mention that you regularly publish your fuel mix. Where can I find the latest data?
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Hi @samw, We’re pretty much all hydro at the moment with a bit from wind and solar to top us up when we need it. Going forward we’ll get more from other renewable sources, so we’ll be less hydro heavy.

Each year in July, Ofgem looks at the mix of every supplier to confirm their fuel mix, so this is the “official” data. Here’s a cleaned up version of the latest data. Technically you can find out the fuel mix of any supplier during the year, including us, by going to the Ofgem site and looking at the public reports section. It’s a bit of a horrendous site though, I wouldn’t recommend trying to look through it without the patience of a saint. And the know how of an energy trader. And even then, only if you really wanted to.

Edit: here’s a blog about our hydro plants if you’re interested - https://blog.bulb.co.uk/drake-and-bulb/

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’m actually really pleased to hear it is so much hydro – small-scale hydro has less visual impact on the landscape, on birdlife and on farming land than wind or solar: small-scale hydro and, even better, generation from landfill gas, should be the way forward!

No worries. You’re welcome.

Hi Will, I think you could shout a bit about this on your website homepage, particularly that you buy no nuclear or fracked gas. There is an over-complex National Grid Status dashboard that you could simplify just to show Bulb’s energy mix vs the grid as a whole, even if it was just updated each month. I’d feel reassured that my £X/month is being spent responsibly.

Great shout @planetrobert. I think there is a lot we can expand on in our homepage and the other pages that come off it, so it’s really great to hear that you’d want to see it. A live view of our mix would be really interesting too, it would definitely make it seem more legitimate and invoke more confidence.

I’ll look into it and see how best we can make it happen.