What is going on with BULB?


My meter readings that I have sent you when I took over this account end of 26.11.2019 with photo evidence have been completely ignored and looks like you have punched in someone else’s meter readings onto my account.
My monthly usage for December 2019 for both gas & electric is about £95.00.
Why have I now been sent a invoice for £ 351.78???.
Where has this amount all of a sudden come from???

Please check my last years usage and compare them with this years usage they have more then tripled…why??? Nothing in my usage or lifestyle has changed. I have not even been home half of the time so why soooooo much???

Something is seriously wrong here, please check my account with fine detail and correct the mistakes that have been placed on my account.
I will not be paying you the invoice for £351.78 that you have issue me.
I have cancelled my Direct Debit with my bank & your invoice will remain unpaid until the correct amount is invoiced.

Looks like to me that someone from Bulb has manually interfered with my account. This is why when I first submitted my meter readings at end of 26.11.2019 no one bothered to update the meter readings on my account for November/December even though I send you my meter reading with photo evidence at least three times.

Please check my account with great detail and send me the correct invoice.
Please can you ask your senior manager to contact me on the telephone number you hold on file.
I wait your contact.
Thank you.


Interesting, I wonder of any senior Bulb Manger looks at this Community Forum?

This is a customer forum and none of us fellow customers will have access to your account details to help with your query?

Have you tried contacting Bulb Direct?

Out of interest what do you mean when you say you took over the account?

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@Allanr, I have sent several emails to Bulb in December, both meter readings with photo evidence, in the hope that someone from Bulb would correct the information & input the correct meter readings but unfortunately no one bothered. The whole of December my electric meter reading was left blank & I did not understand WHY. Now I understand, I am now expected to pay 5X more that I used.
Bulb are now expecting me to pay for the gas & electric that I have NOT used.

I am posting on here in the hope that someone from Bulb will be shamed into making contact with me to resolve this matter.

Its pretty obvious this customer is not enjoying his time with Bulb I fail to understand what is happening. Are Bulb becoming overwhelmed fuelled by rapid growth. Yes i think so How are the systems able to cope. frustration is not a desired customer experience. Come on Bulb listen to your customers

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I doubt very much senior managers will be shamed by you posting on here if their absence in the past is anything to go by?

OK. you have tried to contact them without success.

Finally, what did you mean when you said you took the account over end of 26.11.2019? Is that when you switched to Bulb?

I am a returning Bulb member. I had a Bulb account in this property in 2018/19 and had no problems whatsoever, I was very happy with the way I was dealt with by Bulb. No complaints.

In April 2019 I moved out and someone else moved in, I then went through the process & closed my Bulb account and received my final bill & credit…all good.

The new tenants also stayed with Bulb on my recommendations. They were with Bulb from April 2019 to 26th November 2019. They have now moved out of the property & I have moved back in. The tenants also went through the process of closing their account & I went through the process of opening my new account. We both sent Bulb last & first meter reading with photo evidence so there would be no confusion. Both my opening readings & the tenants closing readings were the same as show in meter photos.

My 2018/19 monthly payments for BOTH gas & electric was between £70/90 per month.
Now my monthly usage has somehow jumped more than £350 per month and its not even cold, its been a very mild winter with no snow in this area.

I have been carefully watching my home display unit and it had been showing that my usage is about £90 for both gas & electric, this is the amount that Bulb first billed me for & then a few days late they sent me a invoice for £351.78 for the December month.

I think what Bulb have done is that they have put the whole of the usage from April to November on to my account. Maybe…not sure until I receive contact to resolve matter.

Very disappointed with Bulb this time around.

Is this an estimated bill for December?

No this is a actual invoice.
Meter readings & photo evidence sent November & December.
My Electric usage has jumped from about £40/50 per month to £133.78.
My Gas usage has jumped from about £40/50 per month to £207.00.

I cannot understand how this is even possible.
I am single person using the minimum as possible as I am on fixed income.

You haven’t received an invoice. You’ve just received a statement.

When I ask is it an estimated bill, I mean is the closing reading used on the statement an estimate? Look at the statement where it shows how much energy you’ve used, it’ll have the opening reading and the closing reading used for the calculations. Does the closing reading say “(estimate)” next to it?

Edit: Just seen the bit about cancelling your direct debit. You haven’t received an invoice, you’ve received a statement. You’re not withholding payment of an invoice. I’d strongly suggest ensuring your direct debit remains active unless you’re happy for your credit rating to be trashed.

YES, you are right its a statement.
NO, there is no “estimate” next to the readings.
I cancelled my DD because I do not want Bulb to take the £351.78 from my account as
getting it back will be like trying to get blood out of a stone.

They sent me a bill for my monthly usage which was £96.47 same as my home display.
This has already been taken by Bulb via the DD…so no problem.
A few days later they sent me a statement saying I owe £351.78 on my account!
This is not possible!

That wont happen. They take the monthly direct debit as agreed. You don’t pay each individual bill.

To be honest you’re spending too much time ranting and not enough time calmly detailing the timeline of events and giving the necessary information to attempt to work out what might have gone wrong and where. No one is going to sit here and wait for you to drip feed information, so there’s nothing any of us fellow customers will be able to do to help you.

Good luck with your issue.

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I am not expecting other public members on here to resolve my problem.
I am hoping that someone from Bulb will see this message & make contact with me to resolve this matter as so far no contact had been made by Bulb even though I sent several readings with photos in November/December.
I have emailed my above message to Bulb & am waiting for someone to make contact with me as ONLY Bulb can resolve this matter.

What is the point in sending meter readings & photo proof if then Bulb are NOT going to update them & instead use vast exaggerated estimates to issue incorrect bills?

Like I said before, my home display has shown that from 26.11.2019 to 31.12.2019 I have used £96.47 for both gas & electric. Bulb have taken this amount from my DD. A few days later Bulb sent me a statement saying I now owe £351.78 ??? WHERE HAS THIS COME FROM NOW???

I am now too afraid to use the gas & electric just in case another statement for over £350.00 is sent to me for January.

I understand your frustration but that is highly unlikely to happen. Hardly anyone from Bulb looks at this forum, especially not “senior management”. What have you done other than email them this rant and submitted photos? I’d suggest phoning them up on Monday morning.

I’m assuming these questions are rhetorical since you’ve said you don’t want any help or suggestions from other customers on this customer discussion forum.

I thought you said they weren’t estimates on the statement? You’ve said that Bulb have taken the exact amount on the statement by direct debit. That’s not how monthly direct debit works, that can’t have happened. There seems a lot of confusion here. When you go to Account settings what does it say on the right next to “Payment amount”? That’s your regular direct debit amount that will be taken every month regardless of the energy used on the statement.

It sounds like your smart meter readings simply aren’t making it through to billing. A common problem. Give Bulb a call on Monday morning and explain the problem. Can I politely suggest you do so in a less ranty and more methodical way? Just explain the issues as factually as you can.

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Hey volvo.

are there any dates detailed on the 351£ bill?

Is this resolved now? Ive previously found the chat options helpful.

This is a new account which started 26.11.2019.
The monthly reading is from 26.11.2019 to 31.12.2019.
My home display stated that I have used £96.47 of energy for the above dates.(gas & electric).
This is the amount that I was billed for first. Then all of a sudden I received a statement saying I owe £351.78!

I have paid the £96.47 that I have used, there is now a debit of £255.31 showing on my account. This £255.31 is NOT my debt.

No one from Bulb has contacted me either by email or phone call or on here to resolve this matter.

I sent emails in October, only got a reply in January.
Customer support is non existent.

Its a bloody nightmare. No replies to emails. Go to online chat and it says “find your own answer”, with nowhere to commence a chat.

Do you not get a chat window that looks like this with a “new message” button …

Hi @volvo,

Thanks for getting in touch with us through Community. I’ve just emailed over an amended statement using the readings from your photos.

It looks like you accidentally submitted your gas reading instead of your electricity reading when you first moved in the property - our system noticed that something was wrong, and decided to use an estimated reading instead (to prevent a wildly inaccurate bill). You can check this by looking at the meter readings on your statement, as is shows ESTIMATED next to the reading.

This estimated reading was based on the previous tenants usage and was too low. This can sometimes happen when a previous tenant doesn’t provide a meter reading for a long time.

However, very recently, you submitted a correct electricity reading to your account, causing a big jump up in usage from the estimates.

I’ve now corrected all of the readings based on the photos that you sent in. We’re really sorry that we weren’t able to get back to you sooner on this.

We strongly recommend not cancelling your direct debit in these cases. Bulb only take fixed monthly payments, which don’t vary statement to statement, so we wouldn’t have requested a large payment at any point in the process. You are able to re-instate your direct debit from your Bulb Account.

If you ever need an urgent response to your query, you can call us on 0300 30 30 635, or live chat to one of our agents.

Good to see another example that the longest and most visceral of rants are always posted by people who have caused their own problems … :upside_down_face:

Apparently it did say “estimate” after all.

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