What is going on with the billing?


I moved to Bulb back in April from Spark (who were excellent by the way, I only swapped due to Bulb offering a cheaper tarriff that Spark couldn’t match.) I live in a one bedroom, electric only flat, both of us work during the day, we only use the electric mainly in the evenings and the weekends if we are home! I was paying maximum £70 with Spark in the winter months, and they would contact me every 3 months to adjust my direct debit with my usage and I was always in credit.

Bulb have been charging me £37 since April, no increase or decrease or even any contact with them. I have been submitting my readings, and paying my direct debit and just been thinking ‘Wow what a touch I have found this new company!’

Low and behold, they email me yesterday telling me that I owe them £207 and that my monthly bill is going from £37 to £141 for the next 13 months, and they can pretty much jog right on. I know this seems minor compared to some of the other figures people have been given on here!

I want to contact them to clear what I owe them, and then return to Spark but it looks like the chat is down for everyone. What on earth is going on with Bulb at the moment and the billing and people suddenly all being overcharged? :pensive: I have emailed them also, but still no reply!

Also really frustrated - had smart meters fitted but still being requested to read meters… can’t get through on phone - no one answers emails and chat is always busy!
Does ANYONE work for Bulb???

I’ve tweeted them, someone seems to be manning the twitter accounts! :face_with_monocle::roll_eyes:

Really … I’ll do same!!!