what is my bulb account number

Please answer my above question. Thanks, Tony Personal Data Removed

I would recommend you edit out your address from your query, this is an open forum seen by many?

Hi @NogBad01 :

Echoing Allanr, I’d suggest removing your name+address as this is a public forum. If you need your account number, you should be able to login to your Bulb account (top right - “Sign in” should take you to https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard ) and you’ll see something like 'Hi [new line] N021234567 1a Street Name, Town Name, P0ST C0D3" - I believe the number at the start (the N… number in this case) is your account number: but Bulb do tend to just use your email address as the ‘account identifier’.

@NogBad01 Thank you for your question. I can not give out personal data on this public forum. If you drop us an email from the email linked to your Bulb Account we can provide you with your account number. Alternatively, for a faster response, you can contact us on chat.