What is my meter box and how do I open it?

A meter box does what it says on the tin…it contains the meter. If your meter is located on the outside of your property, it will likely be kept in a meter box. They usually require a universal key to gain access.

Types of Meter box:

Generally your meter box will either be wall mounted or semi-buried. To get in to the box, you’ll need a universal gas or electricity meter box key. If you can’t get in to the box, fear not. Just drop us a line and we’ll happily send you a free key in the post to your supply address.

Meter Box Standards:

If you’re renovating or looking to replace your box, its worth mentioning there are a couple of industry standards to adhere to (yawn). Electricity meter boxes should comply with BS8567: Specification for outdoor domestic meter cupboards, formally ESI (Electricity Standards Institute) standard 12-3. And gas meter boxes should comply with BS8499: Specification for domestic gas meter boxes, formally National Grid standard PRS8.

can you put links to the the standards it would be useful I think for others