What is my monthly payment.

I have just switched and find it a little confusing finding out what my monthly payment is. I do not wish to pay a different amount every month as I am a pensioner on a minimum pension, so I need to be able to budget and not be hit with a larger amount the following month.

From memory I am sure they advise on your DD at the point of switching.
Your dd will be constant throughout the year although they may suggest it being a bit higher for the next few months as you will be using a higher level of energy during the colder months.
If you go to your account you should get details of your dd there.


When you signed up to Bulb, you set up a direct debit of £69.38 to be paid on the 25th of each month.

You can find this agreement in your Bulb account and Welcome pack (via email).

You’re always in control of your payments so you can change your monthly direct debit amount and date in your Bulb account at any time. Simply head to “Payments and statements” > “payment settings”.