What is Net Zero and how do we get there?

This week, The House of Commons approved draft legislation to make the UK Net Zero by 2050. If legislated, we will be the first G7 country to make this commitment - a demonstration of climate leadership that we should be proud of.

Net Zero means reducing the UK’s emissions by 100% from 1990 levels. Emissions that can’t be avoided must be matched by removing the equivalent from the atmosphere.

The hard part will be getting there. The target applies to all sectors, including aviation and shipping. Our blog post looks at the work that needs to be done in four areas to achieve Net Zero: electrifying transport, decarbonising power, revolutionising heating, and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

We’ve also included simple actions you can take to help us get there, including clean travel, changes at home, and reducing waste.

What other ways can you think of to help the UK reach Net Zero?

Hi there,
I recently read this article about lowering the voltage supply in some parts of the country as a trial and wondered whether you know if it is likely to be rolled out across the UK? Also, do smart meters have any environmental benefits in terms of managing supply better? I think we’re pretty mindful of our energy usage but if there are wider environmental benefits I might consider having one installed…
Mel Green