What is the Day and Night read as not advised which is which

Hi if I have a single display for my electricity which states Total, 1 and 2, which is the Day and Night? I believe I may have applied it incorrectly to my account…I believed the lower number would be the daytime read but have been informed its likely to be the nighttime read as this is from 12 midnight to 7am. Please could this be confirmed and also if I have applied incorrectly to my account how can this be rectified?

Hi @Louisebaileyg, the easiest way to figure this one out is to take a few meter readings within the day (you could take a couple this evening an hour or two apart) and see which reading goes up. That one will then be your daytime reading.

If this has been read/input incorrectly in the past then you’d need to give Bulb a ring to sort it out (0300 30 30 635).

Hi @Louisebaileyg

It looks like you’ve called in and chatted to my colleague about correcting the switch reads.

The reads are best matched against your previous suppliers bill, we see them in our system as 03/04 as Night/Day respectively.