What is the formula to work out my Electricity readings to KWH?

Just received my latest bill and for some reason it doesn’t show how to calculate my electricity use in KWH unlike the gas (which has been on every bill I’ve ever received from Bulb. I thought the electric was the difference between the last reading and the new reading (EASY), not on this bill unlike every other bill I’ve received for the last three years??

The units you’re charged ARE kilowatt hours. There is no formula, unlike gas.

All electric meters measure use in KWh.

The Formula is kwh meter usage multiplied by your tariff…
my kwh/tariff is 33.81pence

Meter monthly difference multiplied by tariff.

April 15000
May 15300
Difference 300

Example 300kwh x 33.81p = 10143 Then divide by 100 to get back to pounds = £101.43

Don’t forget 30 Days x standing charge 43.48pence per day

30 x 43.48p =1304.4 then divided by 100 to get a pounds figure £13.044

This has to be added onto monthly kwh usage.

Good reply, but I’m not convinced that’s what they were asking!!

I read in my opinion that their bill did not include the usual Kwh usage and Kwh tariff calculations.

I simply posted a formula to calculate month by month kwh usage based on any tariff.

What was your take ?

Or !
What was your bill query that was unusual?

I got the impression that he was after a formula similar to the one that converts gas readings to cubic metres (if it’s a non-metric meter) to KWh including the figure for seasonal adjustment. I could be wrong!!

That’s why I wrote electric is always measured in KWh. He asks about the formula for Electricity.

Ok :+1:
I just read the first line about their bill not showing electricity kwh calculations.
I don’t have gas but i know they convert meters cubed into kwh’s

If i had gas i wouldn’t be happy with M3 being equated to kwh’s as the meter can’t analyse the quality of the incoming gas so as to give it any energy output.

I have only electric and pay £150 worst winter months and £45-£50 summer.
Air source heating.

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We’re all confused - you’re going to have to explain in more detail what’s so different about your current bill.

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Hi @SPR428 :wave:

@Anton59 is correct here as the units you are charged in are kWh so there is no need to convert anything like we do with gas.

I hope this helps to clarify that for you.


Jen :star: