What is the point of a Smart Meter

What is the point of a smart meter if we are still being forced to pay an amount every month that is way over what you use? I was told that getting a smart meter meant you’ll pay for what you use? None of this estimated usage stuff? I then try and go to change my payment amount and its telling me i need to pay over £100 more than what i am already paying in the Direct debit. This is even with my account in nearly £200 credit!

Anyone been able to pay for what they actually use rather than these estimates!?



How long have you had the smart meter?

The way the whole industry calculates estimated usage is woefully slow to react. So if you haven’t had a smart meter very long and were not providing regular readings before that then it can take many many months for your estimated annual consumption to align with your actual annual consumption.

You can ask Bulb to switch you to a variable direct debit whereby you only pay the actual amount you used each month and don’t “put some away for winter”.

We have had it for about a year now…

Smart meters are not that smart. One of the reasons I got out of a job i was doing for 20 years. Bigger reason was the planning from bulb, could do 1000 miles a week and still be expected to do x amount of jobs

Hi @gregborrageiro

At Bulb we only support Direct Debit payments which cover your energy usage one month in advance. You can also make top-up payments to your account balance through your Bulb account or by giving us a ring on 0300 30 30 635.

Upfront payments mean we can make smarter decisions when buying your energy, and that helps us pass more savings on to our members. Monthly payments from your bank account build up credit in your Bulb account. Every month we’ll use this credit to pay for the energy you’ve used.

By doing this we’re able to keep your payment amount the same throughout the year, meaning there are no surprise bills in the colder months.

However we also offer the Variable direct debit. This means your direct debit will still stand but when your statement is produced each month, you will be charged for the statement amount. For example, if your statement in June states you’ve used £100 of energy, this exact amount will be taken via direct debit ( if you have credit in your balance then we will use this first) . If the funds are not available, and we cannot take the payment within 14 days of your statement date, you will be charged a missed payment fee.

This is a less flexible option in regards to higher statements, as all statements need to be paid in full, and does require you to give us meter readings unless you have a smart reading come through. So no more than 3 days before your statement to ensure an accurate bill. This also means you will not generate any credit towards your winter bill where bills are the most highest. - let me know if you wish for me to set this up on your account

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–Suki :hibiscus: