What is the point of smart meters?

Great discussion everyone!

Just to pick up on a few points I’ve seen floating around.

  1. Bulb are not into the business of cutting people off. It’s not really our vibe. There’s also a large amount of regulation in place to reign in the baddies of the industry too. You need at least 3 home visits before anyone is allowed to switch off a credit supply so it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight!

  2. Data. We only want to use the data to help you. Both in terms of accurate bills and helping you reduce your consumption. We’ll be as clear as possible with all the ways the data is used :slight_smile:

  3. Demand management. There is some super cool stuff going on in the industry at the moment, but it’s mainly at a business, not residential level. For the energy management that you’re speaking of, all the homes in the UK will need smart meters attached, so it’s still a way off. Rest assured Bulb wants to stick to our motto (simpler, cheaper, greener :wink: ) so we’ll be keeping up with the times in a way that’s easy to follow and beneficial to you.

At the end of the day, as cheesy as it sounds, we just want the best for you lot! We want to be able to send you out the smallest greenest statement we can each month :1:

Hi @“Helen at Bulb”, I think people just need a thread to complain and be cynical about traditional energy companies!

You mentioned the motto “simpler, cheaper, greener”, is that an official motto?
Do you have an official mission statement?

@mowcius Sort of, yes! It encompasses what we want to achieve as a supplier.

On my earlier comment, I obviously hadn’t read through my welcome pack properly:

  • 6.3. If you have a smart meter that we can read without visiting your property, you agree that:
    • ...
    • 6.3.2. We may use it to remotely monitor the energy you use; and
    • 6.3.3. You have the right to opt-out if you do not wish us to access energy data for periods of less than one month. To exercise your right to opt-out you must email us at hello@bulb.co.uk

I presume people can opt-out in advance and that information will be kept on file until they get a smart meter next year?

@mowcius When we get in contact offering the smart meters, the opting out can be completed then by response of email.

@danp, can people not opt-out in advance then?

Especially if the answer is no, perhaps in the spirit of openness, this specific part of the welcome pack can be reiterated when people get their Smart Meters? It’s likely that even those who may want to opt out will have forgotten by the time that happens.

@mowcius Yes, as we let everyone know that smart meters are available, they’ll be given the option to ‘opt out’ of both receiving one and of Bulb accessing their data on a daily or half-hourly basis.

@Sam_Bulb, thanks for the response, that’s good to hear :smile: