What is the Tarriff in APRIL 2022

At present Electricity is 20.13p per kWh and 24.37p per day
Gas is 4.04p per kWh and 26.11p per day frozen until April
What will be the rate from April Please.

The new Ofgem price cap will be announced tomorrow morning, including potentially government-backed loans to energy suppliers to help keep customer bills down while energy prices are high (meaning we won’t see lower bills when energy prices are low).

As for when suppliers will announce their April prices I’ve got no idea, but Bulb may not even exist in its current form by that time anyway.

Its been announced…

54% increase.

£693 extra meaning an average £1,971 for gas and electricity for UK households.

4.5 million households on pre-payment will see £708 increase per year.

Figures from BBC.

Of course OFGEM will review the energy cap again in Oct. 2022 unless there are changes to OFGEM’s guidelines.

Rishi Sunak speaking in commons now 11:33 am 03 Feb 2022…

£350 support from government - £200 discount on energy bill and £150 discount on council tax bills in bands A-D from April. ( Council tax discount only applies in England )