What is this?

Hi everything so far i have understood from a billing and statement point of view. But today noticed this £50 refund? that just looks like you have taken £50 out of my credit in my account? or is this for if i use the top up option. I will now pay close attention and not what’s on this account


I haven’t personally had this happen to me, but only one of the Bulb team will be able to definitively answer your query at: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb-

As another Bulb customer I can only speculate it possibly is Bulb trawling back a £50 referral due a cancellation or something akin.

As far as I’m aware if the referral goes through and the person joins then that’s it. If said person uses Bulbs option to leave at anytime then that’s nothing to do with me. They don’t even give a name if it was a person leaving. I have good few referral credits and would like to know if they are safe. If they remove another £50 refund I’ll transfer all the credit a sum of £400 that we were happy to leave to help winter payments over the monthly estimate DD and leave.
Cheers for the link that I’ve used to email Bulb.

Yeah Bulb just got back to me, referral cancellation. Although it had passed the 21 days and went through they must have another grace period that if a new member joines and I mean joins after the 21 days and the referrals go through and credited that this can be taken away. It would be better to actually instead of just “refund” on my account it gave a detailed reason. Just a short note saying referral cancellation after completion and the Name o the person.

Will give credit Bulb have always got back to me really quick so decent customer service.