What’s your ultimate smart home?

There are so many TV adverts these days talking about how you can make your home smart, but what exactly is a smart home? :houses:

To put it simply, a smart home uses devices that connect to the internet and can be activated from your phone or through voice control.

The idea is to make your life much easier, but the other great benefit is some of the devices can assist with reducing both the cost of your energy bill and your carbon emissions, because they allow you to manage your usage better.

So I want to know what you think makes the ultimate smart home?

I thought I’d go first :wave:, so I’ve compiled a list of smart devices that you can find around the house.

  • I’ve got to start with the smart doorbell. After the bell rings, you can check the camera from your doorbell app to see who’s there. You can even check when you’re not at home. There’s also the option to speak to the other person through a two-way intercom.

  • Then there’s the smart home assistant. These voice-activated assistants are probably the smart device we’ve all heard of. There are various models including the Google Nest or Amazon Echo, but they can carry out an array of tasks, from telling you today’s weather or playing you music.

  • A smart vacuum cleaner will leave its charging station when you activate it, and move around your house using a camera and sensors. They’re even built in with ‘cliff sensors’ which stop them from falling down the stairs.

  • Using a smart thermostat that’s connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can control your heating system through your phone whether you’re at home or on the go. It also allows you to be more efficient with your usage because you can heat up specific rooms, rather than the whole house. Have a read through this thread if you want to learn more about smart heating, and what systems other Bulb members have.

  • A smart television looks just like a standard TV, but it’s connected to the internet through your Wi-Fi. This gives you the ability to stream music and watch TV shows on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Some have a voice recognition feature which allows you to control the TV without a remote.

  • There are many different options for a smart speaker, all varying in price and sound quality. But the way they work is all the same. Simply connect your phone to the speaker using Bluetooth. Some people choose to replace their whole sound system with a good quality smart speaker.

  • You can use your smart home assistant or your phone to control the lighting in your home with smart bulbs. You can also use them to help reduce your energy bills, by making sure the lighting only comes on when you need it. As well as using the motion-detection features, so they’ll turn off or on depending on whether someone’s in the room.

  • With automated shades or curtains, you can set a timer to have your curtains open at a set time each morning. It’s all done using a remote control, your smartphone or a home assistant.

  • Smart plugs will make your life easier, but they can also give you great peace of mind if you think you’ve left the iron on when you’ve gone out (we’ve all been there). Plug one into a standard wall socket, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and then turn it on or off using your phone.

  • Once you’ve installed a smart shower head, you can control it through your phone using Wi-Fi or bluetooth - ensuring this is done before you get in the shower of course. You can get it to change the water pressure, or activate the temperature indicator lights and the water saving nozzles.

Enough with all this expensive frippery! :roll_eyes:

I may be 72, but I’m still smart enough to run my own home thank you very much.


Hi @198kHz :wave:

We’re not suggesting you have to make your home smart - it’s all personal preference of course. If you are happy with your home as it is then that’s great :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

How rude, this is a great post…

I have smart bulbs and plugs, speakers, TV, cctv, air purifier. My next will be blinds, never even knew you could get a smart shower head though :slight_smile:

@karlos321 Oo sounds like a very clever home!
I didn’t know about a smart shower head either. Would be nice to have the shower on a hot temperature before I even got out of bed…

Has anyone got any feedback?

– Daisy :wave:

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‘The idea is to make your life much easier’? I do not see any hardship in the way that things are now. I speak as one who was born into a world of black and white television, 2 channels and cranking handles on cars. Considering the obesity crisis amongst the young, there needs to be a lot LESS ‘smartness’ and more exercise!

Hi @wulf :wave:

I guess with some of the devices there is the added benefit of allowing you to manage energy usage better, lowering carbon emissions and the cost of bills. Of course, as @megan_at_bulb mentioned it’s all personal preference, but interesting to see what’s out there nonetheless!

Cara :bulb:

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For me it’s smart monitoring. We have leak sensors by the washing machine, dishwasher and the bath. Any leak and we get a notification on the phone. Also the ability to have lights come on in the house as you approach it.

Hi @Ramblingleftie - welcome to Community :wave:

These are some great ideas! I imagine having the lights turn on when you’re near the house must be very handy at this time of year when we’re seeing the darker nights :new_moon:

I’d be interested to know how easy it was to install the leak sensors on your appliances?

– Meg :bulb:

Question… I now have a smart meter but as I’m away alot I don’t have wifi installed in the house, I use the hotspot on my phone to access the internet when I’m home. BUT, I’d love to be able to control my heating whilst away. Can I connect to a smart heating thermostat via an internet dongle? Is that possible? Anyone any thoughts?

Hi @Peterwdf and welcome to community! :wave: :partying_face:

In theory if your internet dongle connects your property to wifi with a strong enough signal and did not cut out there should be no issue. However, if this connection is in and out this will most likely cause the smart heating thermostat to fall off the network.

Here are some posts regarding smart heating thermostats:

I hope this helps answer your question but if not please let me know below :point_down: