What should you do if you suspect you're paying for the wrong meter in a block of flats

Hello. Since moving in, I’ve suspected that the meters may be mislabeled, because the daily usage charts bear no semblance to what I use. For example, I was away from Monday to Wednesday and switched absolutely everything off, only to see that on Tuesday, my meter reading was 3 times higher than normal.

The meters are in a locked cabinet, and it’s a smart meter that reports directly to Bulb. What should I do to establish if it’s really mine?

I think a meter should have a MPAN number which is unique to your address. The number is shown on the bill. Check if it’s the same on the bill and meter.

Hi @Oba :wave:

Thank you for flagging this with us. As @Anton59 has said, the first step is to check the meter serial number which should be found on the front of your electricity meter. This serial number should match the one shown on your monthly statements. If it does, the next step would be to perform a test to see if your usage is affecting your meter reading. If you take a photo of your reading, run an electrical appliance such as a kettle, and then take another photo of the reading, you should see that the reading on the meter has slightly increased. If there has been no change at all, it could suggest that the meter is not actually supplying your property.

As this could be a fairly complex case, it would be best to email us at help@bulb.co.uk with those results so we could investigate this further and get to the bottom of this for you.

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks. I’ll reach out to the building manager to run a test. The MPAN number will likely match because I had that meter replaced with a smart meter when I moved in, so if it’s the wrong meter, it also meabs the wrong meter was replaced.