What time is the night time rate?

Hi, I’m thinking of joining Bulb on the economy 7 tariff. What are the nighttime hrs and does it change during British Summer time?

The rates vary by area. If you go to the “get a quote” page and enter your details, it should give you the rates for your post code.

Typically, E7 rates remain on GMT and so are an hour different during BST.

Hi @sallylc123 ,

You might find this article http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/8025/what-are-my-off-peak-hours-for-economy-7 ‘What are my off peak hours for economy 7’ on the main forum to be useful. Basically, there are no ‘Bulb specific’ (or other electricity provider specific) hours - it’s all down to your specific meter: so if you change supplier, the hours will be the same as your existing provider. However, that article/forum thread will provide ways of finding out your hours in most cases.