What to do if your In-Home-Display (IHD) is not working

Steve, Thanks for your message.

No, I have a SMETS 2 Meter (GAS and Electricity), and my neighbours meter(s) are identical and installed within 2 weeks of each other by the same installer (and same person).

I have been told by Bulb, that switching will not solve the problem, otherwise I would switch in a heart beat. Am I being told a lie here?

The meters are working, but in Dumb mode.

Getting so fed up with Bulb - no one from Bulb can actually say what is wrong.

I don’t think the Senior team care, bunch of ostriches!

Ah, ok. Then getting it resolved ought to be possible (and sooner rather than later).

Note that it is possible that their meters and yours are on different firmware (if they came from different batches from the manufacturer), though I suspect that’s a Bulb person clutching at straws for a logical explanation (or just plain talking nonsense as can happen).

No, I don’t think so. It’s the configuration and enrolment of the new meters that’s not gone smoothly (the “hit & miss” I referred to - clearly your neighbour got a “hit” :slightly_smiling_face: and you have a “miss” :frowning: ). Fundamentally, that process seems to be a bit of a 3-way circle jerk (to use a slightly crude phrase) between the installing engineers, DCC and Bulb. If they can iron that out, you should be up and running properly.

I would give Bulb another call, and make it a formal complaint.


Our last exchange here was 18th June, Still no fix and no sight of a fix. Explain?

Steve a bit of history:

When I intially has the smart meters installed, they did not work. They swapped out the gas meter 3 times and electric meter twice, I kept telling them the meters are fine its the comms unit, they refused to believe me and finnaly at the 5 attempt, they changed the comms hub and bingo it started working. I did compalin to ombudsman at that time and was compensated.

Everything was working fine until April this year and bang, I believe DCC did an update and screwed everything up again.

When this happend, I called bulb (they did not bother to call me, even though they were not getting readings directly), and now I am in this situation. I am going to go to ombudsman, but waiting until next Tuesday, for Peter to get the following questions answered:

speaking to smart team to see whether they can provide answers to the following questions.

  • Who is developing firmware fix and why exactly are there delays?

  • New meters we’re installing must have functional firmware, so what’s stopping us providing that to his meter too?

  • Similarly, why can’t he just have his meter replaced?

I’ll also check in whether there’s anyone who can speak to you directly, though this is unlikely.

See - the “unlikely”, Sounds they are hiding something.

An update on my one which for the last day or so seems to be working properly.

Hopefully it will keep working…

Hey @IM35461 I’m really glad to hear your IHD is working again, if it has any further trouble, please could you let us know. If it’s just the smartthings app that plays up, then you’d be best off contacting the Samsung team

@Vip It does sound like my colleague was correct when they said the problem could be fixed via a firmware fix. The meter itself would only need to be replaced if it wasn’t recording your usage, which doesn’t seem to be the case. I appreciate that this situation is frustrating, particularly when there’s been a successful installation so near to your property, but this doesn’t mean that the issue is with the physical meter. The firmware fixes are worked on by the manufacturer and smart network (DCC), rather than ourselves. Once the fix has been produced we’re given instructions and tools for how to carry the fix out for our members.

Hopefully the date for this isn’t pushed back any further.

Whilst you can’t replace the meter, surely you can replace the Comms module above the electric meter - That would solve the problem.

Now been told the fix may come in October. Again, the coward management are unwilling to speak to me. Peter has no technical clue regarding the smart meters.

I can’t move because the smart meter is not working and you now have the gall to increase prices.

So explain in detail what should I now do?

Hi @Vip, no physical aspect of the meter needs to be removed in this situation. We would simply need to wait for the firmware fix to be available in order for us to establish a connection with your Smart Meter. Until then, there would be nothing that you would be able to do to fix the meter and unfortunately without the firmware fix we are unable to correct the issue right now.

We are aware of all meters that are experiencing this issue and will remotely update the meters once the firmware fix is available.

Hopefully we will have the firmware fix very soon.

@renee_n_at_bulb so when is the fix? Every time I contact you its next month, and this has been going on since April 2020.
It’s now 6 months down the road, and still no definitive answer.
Do you have no clout with the manufacturer and DCC to get a date? You must have a SLA agreement with them surely.
We will have to agree to disagree, if the smart meter is not working, it is faulty even if it is working in dumb mode. Saying otherwise is a copout.

I find this infuriating, the link you posted takes you to a short questionnaire. You tick three boxes, you get told the problem will be fixed by Bulb (presumably) sending a message to the meter, and 48 hours later you have to go through the same process again. It seems to be an endless loop with no-one from Bulb paying any attention. My wife keeps asking me what was the point of changing the meter, and I’m afraid to say I have no printable answer.

24 hours later, still a blank display and still no comment from Bulb. Not amused!

Hi @Chilly, I can see on your account that your meter reading intervals are set to monthly at the moment. Would you change your smart meter reading intervals from monthly to daily or half-hourly here?

This can often fix issues with us being able to receive smart meter readings and being able to show usage on one’s IHD, because instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, daily reads pulls a reading from the meter each day. Pulling readings is much more reliable.

Thank you for the clarification, now done. I have also had some input from the Bulb Twitter support team, and it seems that the IHD requires a particularly strong wifi signal. My laptop would happily work online on wifi at the IHD location but it seems that the IHD expected better. Accordingly, I have had to compromise on the location of the IHD with respect to the meter, and at present we are trying to find a position that gives an appropriate balance w.r.t. wifi and meter signal strength. As a result, it may be yet another 48 hours before I see any response from the IHD.

Hi there, I had my smart meter and IHD installed last year and it has been working fine until a couple of months ago. It now displays “Gas supply disconnected”. Gas supply is fine! I have reset the IHD and Smart Meter several times now over the last 2 months with no success. Can this please be fixed. Thanks, Mark.

It has failed again back in the reboot loop :frowning:

Just to remind you at Bulb, my “smart” meter was installed on 11 Feb 2020.
Today is 17 Feb 2021, just over a year later and the meter is still not working.
I have had a number vow false promises regarding said meter but nothing actually happens.

Please can you: Get the meters/IHD working, let’s say by 24 Feb 2021
inform me which bin to put the IHD in (recyclable or not?)
How about some some compensation for all the poor info/lack of action?
I look forward to a prompt reply (again)

Hey @springstones,

I’m really sorry your issue has been going on for so long. Unfortunately, as your smart meters were installed by MDS, we can’t actually remotely commission these right now. We’re hoping to be able to soon, but for the time being we can’t. Please keep giving us readings going forwards to ensure your bills stay correct.

I can of course raise this as a complaint if you’d like, but there won’t be anything more we can right now. Just let me know here if you want me to action that.


Hello again

I’ve waiting since last August for the IHD to work properly and it still isn’t picking up the electricity usage.

I’ve also realised that it’s one of the older IHD3 models which means that it cannot connect to WiFi either.

Is it actually possible to fix this or is this the way it is and would it be possible to get it upgraded to one that has WiFi support too? I think waiting 7 months for the system to reset has been long enough.


Hello @mosthak

Thanks for reaching out.

I can see my colleague attempted a comms hub reboot for yourself in August 2020, which was unfortunately unsuccessful. Would you be happy for us to try another reboot? I’m happy to raise a complaint for yourself to address the length of time this is taking to resolve.

Let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Best wishes,
Freya @ Bulb

My ihd hasnt shown gas for almost a year now…Bulb keep telling me to fill in a form and it will fix it in 48hours but this never works, what can i do?