What will the new price per Kwh for electricity from Bulb be in April when the new price cap comes in?

I’m on the variable pay monthly tariff.

No-one knows yet, as all the suppliers will need a little time to digest OFGEM’s announcements, and make their own announcements and communicate with customers.

But expect it to be up in the region of 54%, as per OFGEM.

Ah ok, thank you. So that would take my standard unit price up from 25.39p per Kwh to 39.10p per Kwh? That will be an extra £1508 a year for me, blimey!

It varies by region but the current average electricity rate at the price cap is 21p per kWh for someone paying by direct debit. That average rate increases to 28p per kWh from April. By my calculations the price cap standing charges will go up from 25p/26p per day to around 43p/44p, but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere yet.

OK, that’s very helpful, thanks Norman.

Out of interest, where did you find that published? I’ve been casually trying to find unit prices on OFGEM’s website, but they seem determined to only publish “average user” annual total prices (that and lots of circular page links).

Based on the headline 54% rise, I would anticipate an average 21p rate to rise to 32p or so, not 28p.

The unit rates were quoted in the notes of the press release on the Ofgem website. Note 4.

54% is the increase over dual fuels and standing charges. The cap on gas is going from 4p to 7p, so a far bigger percentage increase there compared to electricity.

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As @stevefoster quite rightly said, we haven’t announced any changes to our vari-fair tariff yet. We are planning to send all of our members an email later this month which will detail the exact changes to the unit rates and standing charges, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

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Thanks - I missed that (probably because I was tired).

From April the price cap standing charges for direct debit customers will increase to 27p per day for gas and 45p per day for electricity. As said above, those are average rates and they’ll vary by location.

Hi over the price cap for electricity I had a look at ofgem’s web site first of all it quoted the average price per kWh was 28 pence this has also been quoted by Martin Lewis as well as Paul Lewis
As I live in the most expensive region (13 Merseyside and North Wales) for electricity I did a download for default (price cap quotes)
Ofgem only gives examples and not price per kWh!
For a single rate credit meter the example is for 3100 kWh Costs 1106.07
Works out at 1106.07 ÷ 3100 = a little over 35.6 pence per kWh
So my cost is 7.6 pence over there average also the standing charge works out at more than £1 a week more than the cost in London!!
Unfortunately this doesn’t help me as I have an economy 7 meter and can’t locate the % ofgem use for day and night
Take care everyone J.

London has the highest gas kWh charge which makes up for it so don’t worry we’re being stung hard too. Many of us in London living in social housing won’t get the council tax rebate either because our accommodation happens to be in an expensive area meaning a higher band. It’s depressing for all of us.