What's going on?

I joined Bulb last month. I gave my energy usage for the year and asked for the total estemated price to be divided into 12 months to reflect this in direct debit. I said one of the main reasons for leaving the previous providers was that they kept increasing my direct debit all the time and I ended up in credit. Also, they did that without asking my permission and it took ages on the phone trying to sort it out. For that reason, I asked Bulb to set my direct debit as a set amount that will take into account colder months. We did that. Also, I asked Bulb whether they would contact me before my direct debit amount is changed. I was told that you would never change it before speaking with me first. So, I think you will appreciate the fact that I’m annoyed by the fact that you never called me before increasing my direct debit. Also, I joined last month and you calculated my direct debits then so don’t tell me it needs looking at a month later! Please go back to what we agreed and keep your word. Not a great start to be honest!

Hi @ania13,

I’ll set your payments to stay the same and not have the first winter increase.

I’m sorry that you feel so let down. When you joined, you should have been told that your first winter’s payments would be 20% higher. It’s mentioned on the payment details page of our joining pages and is set up when you joined. The recent email we sent you was a reminder of this. It sounds like we could make this clearer, though.

We recommend this change because most members don’t have a buffer to keep their account balance healthy over their first winter if we didn’t. You’re always in control of your payment amounts, though. If you think they’re better staying at that level then we’re very happy to keep them there.

The cost of your energy hasn’t changed and isn’t due to change. Your energy still costs 2.5p per kWh of gas and 11.4p per kWh of electricity. So that isn’t changing. If we do change them we’ll give you at least 30 days notice.

Hope this clears things up, but if not, let me know.


Thanks Will. Thanks for your response. I would be grateful if you can make a note on the system not change my direct debit unless you have called me first. This is what we agreed initially. Thanks

@ania13 Will do!