What's happened to the Energy Price Watch Blog?

Last Years Winter Blog - 21 Dec 2018
The Year Before - 18 Dec 2017

Nothing from the Blog so far…

Since the last Price Blog on 21st June, Wholesale Gas Prices have collapsed. Qtr 1, 2020, has dropped 1/3rd. 1.9p per Kwh, to 1.2p per Kwh.

This is a quote from Bulb’s Website:

What makes Bulb different?

Our single, variable tariff, means we can adjust the price of our energy if wholesale costs change significantly. We have an approach to pricing that follows the wholesale energy market closely. When it goes down, we’re quick to pass those savings on to our members.

So a 36% drop in prices is not significant then?


Good question, so I’ll be watching this thread with interest!

I would check this thread:

It would seem that they are happy to give up on their principles for some profit :slight_smile:

Quote from this:
2. Fast down, slow up

  • We review our prices every week
  • When costs fall by more than £20 per year, so will your tariff
  • If they rise, we work hard to limit cost increases to you and always give 30 days notice