What's the Comparison / Unit Price

Thanks for the heads up about the price increase. It’s great that you tell me how much per month ‘extra’ I’m going to pay…

"This means your energy will cost £31.63 more each month as wholesale energy costs have risen by 18% since June. "

…but this doesn’t help me compare my new increased price with other suppliers. They use the price per unit as you do when quoting, but it might help to tell us as your customers the price per unit, giving a fuller picture of the situation. After all, an extra £31.63 per month is a hell of a price rise. At an extra £379 per annum more customers ‘are’ going to compare.
I suppose it’s just better to be fair and more transparent with the information Bulb give it’s customers.

Exactly what I wanted to know. I can get a 12 month deal through Uswitch right now with fixed unit prices. I need to know now what Bulb’s unit prices are going to be so I can assess if it’s worth switching.

whats the latest on the government enforced price cap, our hosehold is comign close to hitting that amount per year ( apprx £1300)

The breakdown is attached to the email

Hi all, @BenWoodford is quite right, there is a pdf attachment with the new rates on it - if you didn’t receive it please message me and I can personally send you one.

@Tino - The price cap means that the average home (which Ofgem considers as 3200 kWh of electric and 13500 kWh of gas) cannot be charged at more than £1136 per year. If you used those amounts with Bulb, even on our new tariff, you’d still be over £100 beneath that with the price increase. If you use more than that amount of energy you can be charged above this, the price cap does not mean you can use unlimited energy after hitting the threshold.