What's the monthly payment?

Hi, I haven’t completed the switch to Bulb yet, but today I received an email saying it will take my first monthly payment of £73.30 on 04 Jan 2018. But I haven’t even submitted my first meter reading.

What is this payment please?

With Bulb you get charged upfront for usage for the month ahead. So on the 1st day with Bulb, you get charged for the month ahead.

The figure of £73.30 would have been based on the usage stats you put in as part of your quote/switch (could either be just based on rooms/household size or if you refined the quote, the exact usage you put in).

You can always login to your MyBulb Account and Lower/Increase it if you feel the usage is wrong. At the end of the day, the idea is to have the perfect amount of credit to cover that months billed usage. You dont want an account in too much credit or debit.

Hi @yongli92, @andrew1944 is exactly right, but we do know that not everyone is used to paying upfront for their energy, so if you have any questions, let us know!