What's the most FRUSTRATING experience you've ever had with a business?

Everyone has that one horror story. What’s yours?

I once had a TV delivered broken. They gave me a refund, but only if I paid for the privilege of returning the broken one myself. I also got to have the pleasure of sitting on a phone to them for 45 minutes trying to sort it out. Twice.

While on holiday on a cruise liner my mothers husband took ill and they were removed from the ship to a hospital in turkey. My mother was with ee and only had a small amount of credit on her phone and was already stressed and vert worried. EE were absolutely awful about trying to help they were rude hung up on us even the ceo office couldn’t get it right that turkey isn’t an eu county so eu packages wouldn’t work. I actually knew far more than all of them, the customer might not always be right but I sure was