What's the problem with smart meters?

what’s the problem with smart meters? I haven’t got one.
FYI - from bbc… Nearly a third of all energy companies fitting smart meters are still installing old technology.
Government guidance says that since the middle of March 2019 customers should only have been given second generation smart meters. However, eight companies still installing first generation smart meters say the network is not reliable enough to switch customers on to. They say this is particularly a problem in northern England and Scotland.
The auto-switching service Look After My Bills has discovered that Bristol Energy, British Gas, Ecotricity, EON and Octopus are still installing some first generation meters in the North, and Nabuh Energy, Simplicity and Utilita are only installing the first generation after encountering difficulties with the new system. The second generation of meters is supposed to be able to connect remotely to a national network.
Has your local job centre got vacancies for meter readers?

The problem is that both generation 1 and 2 are ‘dumb’ meters. The energy suppliers have to meet huge Government targets to get them ‘fitted’ to all customers or they receive substantial fines. The fact a considerable number of dumb meters/IHD’s do not work is of no concern to energy suppliers - they are only interested in meeting the government targets whereby they just have to be fitted.

My dumb meter was fitted on January 14th by Siemens and BULB say it is commissioned. My account (confirmed over the phone with BULB) shows I have used ‘0’ electricity from 14th Jan to this morning’s statement. If only. I don’t even have the ability to supply online readings anymore as this feature is removed once the new meter is fitted. Email - they ignore: online chat and phone - good luck in getting through.

Additionally my IHD has never worked despite countless resets by myself and BULB.

The whole system is an utter shambles so please anyone with an ‘old’ meter - cherish it and do not switch.


Thanks, I reckon we’ll go back to the meter man calling round again!

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Fortunately I did my research way back and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want a smart meter. I have recently switched away from Bulb and one deciding factor was not having to take a smart meter.
The day will come when I get forced to take one, but until then…


@scudo Precisely so; there’s enough hassle in life today without voluntarily adding to it! :roll_eyes:

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Dont bother even getting one - Absolute waste of Billions of £! I got one from Shell Energy but when I switched here it cant be used with other suppliers So I have to read it manually for Bulb So whats the point! If anybody needs to know how to read these things just press 9 on the smart meter

That doesn’t apply to new smart meters. And by the end of this year wont apply to older smart meters either.

That depends entirely on what brand of smart meter you have. For example, my Elster meter doesn’t have a “9” button or any type of number pad at all.

I understand you’re frustrated, and the roll out has indeed been a fiasco, but you’re spreading misinformation. My smart meter not only works, but DOES save me money by making multi-rate tariffs easily accessible AND helps to balance the grid by encouraging usage time shifting. The project is not a “waste of Billions of £”.


Its a Siemens meter are you trying to say that yours will work if you switch to another company - because these certainly dont

Yes. Mine was installed by Scottish Power, and now works with Bulb.

But it depends entirely on the company as to which brands they are capable of reading. All I’m saying is it’s not as simple as older SMETS1 meters can’t be used with other suppliers.

New SMETS2 meters work with all suppliers.

By the end of this year all SMETS1 meters, including yours, will have been remotely enrolled in the SMETS2 system and also work with all suppliers.

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Thanks for that - Not too much of a waste of Money then but still a lost fortune - You would think even the simplest clown that was in charge of the roll out would have realised that people switch suppliers to save money in the first place


When was the last time that you heard of a Govt project running smoothly?
Rather than put together half-arsed. This is such a good thing we’'ll just roll it out and join the dots up after

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Problem is they are still trying to locate the dots.

I’m in the same situation as you, I’ve been complaining since last April when my meters were fitted, electric one still doesn’t work.

I complained on Trust Pilot last week and someone got in touch to try and get it resolved. We’ll see soon if the meter is actually working…

was going to suggest W H Smith but they would probably come away with a crossword puzzle book

I have one from when I was with BG loaf of crap… I’ll wait for v3 thank you

Wasn’t aware BG sold bread

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I can’t see how it helps you save money. You use what you use at whatever price tariff you’re on.

the idea being you monitor your usage and turn off appliances that don’t need to be on :ie tv’s on standby, pc’s on standby, etc etc this is for the most part just laziness

Because as I said …

i.e., I am on a time-of-use tariff where the cost varies throughout the day. By running expensive things like the washing machine and charging my EV at the lowest cost periods, it saves me a lot of money.

I had my smart meter installed one week ago by Siemens and I’m pleased to report that everyrhing went to plan and that everything appears to be working fine,
The IHD is working perfectly and I have also installed the Samsung/Bulb app on my phone which is also working perfectly.
At this stage I haven’t needed to be concerned with billing so I don’t know if that may present any problems.
So far so good and I’m happy with the change.