What's your great idea (big or small) for Bulb?

We love ideas, especially yours. You’re the experts in knowing what it is that makes you tick, so we want to tap into that. We’ve already had some amazing ideas that we’ve made happen. For example, paying exit fees, having a referral programme and sending cupcakes for switching parties.

Here are some other ideas that have been suggested recently. What do you think of them?

  • Bulb t-shirts for top referrers (what colours would you like to see?)
  • Christmas member party (where would it be best to host it for you?)

Can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Wait I can get cupcakes? That’s awesome!

I’ve seen a few of the pic’s with you guys, and (not that I like pink) the bulb logo seems to look best on the pink ones, so those would be pretty cool…only if I can get one though :punch:

I like party’s, not Christmas already though! If it where to be anywhere then in Kent somewhere would be great for me since I live there, but for a more central location London is still the place. For bonus points make it somewhere near St Pancreas, or easily tube accessable from there since that’s so much nicer to travel to than Victoria, and ofcourse make sure there’s plently of beer :slight_smile:

How about this for a silly marketing idea - hook up an exercise bike - that lights up a large inflatable bulb - that slowly inflates like a big weather balloon for the amount of CO2 produced - invite random members of the public to generate some electricity - and when they are exhausted - sign them up to switch energy supplier ! Ok it’s silly I know.


Amazing, I love it. I have no idea whether it would be effective or where we’d put it, but I still love the idea :slight_smile:

Hey bulb, have you thought about getting involved with quidco or similar cashbook website? You could offer some of the friend referral £50 for customers that don’t know anyone? I often use them when shopping around to make a deal that little sweeter…

Ooh, good idea. I’ll talk this over with the growth team and see what they think. At the very least, it can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Tell us more about your suppliers and actually organise physical tours of hydro plants / solar farms etc for customers to see green energy actually being produced, of course only fair we pay for the experience, but you guys could help facilitate it. You could also do “virtual tours” where one of your team goes and films there time at the supplier and then posts on your blog (obviously no charge to us for this).

  • also - check the “Bulb Gas - a by-product of the meat industry!” for my idea about lentils - tasty and healthy.

Great thought @rossthered. And I’m sure we’d have a few takers for a trip around Wales and Scotland to visit and film the hydro sites. And the same for our green gas too.

I’ll definitely check out your post in the other thread. Sounds tasty,

How about offering to match the donation if a customer opts to give their sign up £50 to charity.

We’re actually thinking about experimenting with charity donations for referral rewards. So great shout @sarahbee