WHD and switching supplier

Just read on the help board about possibly having to apply to my previous supplier for the broader group WHD as I switched to Bulbin mid-September and wondered if anyone knows more about this as, before I switched in September, I specifically asked Bulb (and still have a copy of the conversation) about the WHD & if Id still qualify with them, if there was a cut off date for when I had to join them by etc as was told no there wasnt…

Guess I will be spending part of today trying to contact both Bulb & SSE trying to sort this and hoping that I dont miss out as with Bulbs price increase & no WHD it would have been cheaper for me to stick with SSE :anguished:

Hope my circumstances help answer your question. I moved from eon to bulb mid September, have been getting WHD as a core member with eon. Last week l received a letter saying l was getting the WHD from gov. which also stated if you move suppliers after July the supplier you were with has the WHD money, and this morning l received a cheque for £140 from eon.

Emailed Bulb earlier and they say I apply through them as part of the broader group so have done that but will call SSE tomorrow…

Hi @My_two_boys As a member of the broader group, you will have to apply through us! :slight_smile:

Think it was you who emailed me back earlier today, thanks
Have done the application via the website as not got an email about it yet