WHD If Bulb go bust

If Bulb go bust what will happen to the WHD? I applied last month but I’m concerned that the new suppliers scheme may be already closed.

Was wondering about that too. I’ve had my letter telling me I have WHD this year for 2 weeks now, it’s not showing on my account yet. I usually see it on my account by October as I’ve been getting this from the government for the past 6 years.

My WHD is still not on my account. I’ve had my letter to say I qualify 2 weeks ago. It’s usually in my account in October. It has been every year for the past 5/6 years.

I hope that you get it soon. I’m in the broader group, I applied end of September and was told it would take up to 3 months to get a decision. Chances are you’ll get yours soon if you’ve had a letter. Good luck.


I am also wondering what will happen. I am in the broader group and applied as soon as I got notification from Bulb that applications were open. One would hope that if our applications are accepted then whoever we get transferred to (in the event that Bulb do go bust) will honour the WHD. I don’t know for certain but I thought it was a government grant so it isn’t as if Bulb are having to fund it themselves?

Hi @Lesley_C1971, @tinaemch123, @Bootsy2 - we will be making WHD payments even though Bulb is in Special Administration right now. These will all be made before the end of March 2022, and we’ve already begun paying members. - Miriam