WHD Post Office & Voucher

Hi, My Mum has received an email from Bulb to collect her WHD from the P.O.
What can you do to assist as she is isolating & shielding (as am I) and isn’t able to visit a Post Office to collect the refund. Can the money not be added directly to Mum’s account (as you did with mine) or does the fact it’s PAYG cause issues ?
We only have until 31st March to arrange the discount or risk losing it.
Please can you help with this matter ?
Kind regards,
Tina Cooper
on behalf of Mrs J M Cooper.

Hi @junemcooper :relaxed:

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With PAYG members we can’t remotely add the top up unless the meter is Smart as topping up regular meters still has to be done physically in shops, this is why we have to use a voucher.

We’d recommend seeing if any friends might be able to go on your behalf or whether any NHS volunteers could help out to collect it.

I’ll send you a message now to see if there’s anything else we can do to help in this instance if the above isn’t possible! :email:

Morning Holly,
Thanks for your speedy reply. Can the voucher be redeemed at a Paypoint/Topup Shop ?
If this is the case then I can do that with no problem (It’s getting to a Post Office that’s an issue) Mum’s Paypoint shop is a just a short walk away, which I can do.
If you could tell me the steps to take, so I know what to say to the shopkeeper I can sort this today.
Thanks again for your help.
Tina Cooper

Hi @junemcooper,

Thanks for your response. I’m going to pop you an email now, as we do have some other options if getting to a post office isn’t an option for you. Please get back to me there when you can!

All the best,


You really need to edit your post, and remove the personal information about your mum, as this is essentially a public forum.

If you want to pass such on to Bulb staff through this space, use the Flag button to send a private notification to a specific *_at_bulb person.


Steve, Thank you so much for pointing that out. I thought I was talking to Bulb assistance
Really appreciate your input.

Lots of Bulb staff do participate here (and they will respond and assist as appropriate), but fundamentally this is a community forum [provided by Bulb], so posting too much personal information just isn’t safe.

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Hi @junemcooper - sorry I wasn’t quicker on the ball to spot this and thanks @stevefoster for flagging! I’ve sent you an email June, please can you send any personal information there instead?