WHD - What's Happening, Dudes?

Into March and still not a sausage about this Warm Home Discount - and radio silence from Bulb to boot ever since the “auditing” excuse. The Department of Want and Poverty are slow, we know. But not this slow.

Seriously considering switching to Octopus once this is done, quality of service here is falling off a cliff.

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Hi - same with me. I applied back on 19th December last year and have heard absolutely nothing back from Bulb. I am definitely eligible for the £140 WHD. What annoys me is that every month Bulb tell me to up my monthly payments - if they would get on and sort out the £140 I wouldn’t need to keep paying more and more each month!!! @Bulb could you please give me an update??!?!?!!?!?!??!

Hey @BWo - I replied to you on another thread so please take a look at that there.

@holly - I can see your application is just awaiting completion of an audit batch, as soon as that is done we’ll be in touch letting you know we’ve made that payment! Sorry for the delay.


Thanks for your reply - but I really want to know when I will receive the payment???

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Apparently Octopus are on Ofgem’s Over Pricing list along with five others Bulb not being one of them.

Over Pricing Post

Not exactly sure how this impacts WHD delays

Hopefully someone from the Bulb team will get back to you in the very near future holly

Hi @holly.

All payments will be made by the 31st March, so not much longer until this will be with you.

Thanks for your patience!

Freya @ Bulb :bulb: