When are meter readings taken account of?

I am new to Bulb so I am probably asking an obvious question. I have submitted meter readings at 4 weekly intervals since July, but my monthly payment has remained unchanged. When does my monthly payment start reflecting my actual use of energy?

As we take payments in advance we take one payment at the beginning of the month which enters your Bulb account as credit.

At the end of the month we send you a statement based on meter readings summarising your consumption and the cost of your energy usage.

If you use less energy than the monthly payment your account will be in credit. If you use more energy than the monthly payment your account will go into debit.

If you see that you’re building up a large credit you can get in touch with us to get money transferred to you as a refund and we can look to lower your monthly payment amount.

If you see that you’re building up a large debit, you can make a top-up payment at my.bulb.co.uk in the payment details section. In fact, you can adjust your payment up or down – at my.bulb.co.uk.

As I said, I have submitted electricity and gas meter readings on 4 occasions: 9/7, 2/8, 30/8 and 27/9. So far, I have had no end of month statements. Morever, there are apparently too few readings to produce a graph (surely 4 sets of readings should be enough?). Not only that, but only my electricity readings for those dates are given. Why no gas readings?

@peter453 I have managed to get some of the gas readings into the account and have also generated a bill from the switch date. You should receive this in the next few days and do let us know if you have any questions on this.

OK, thanks for the prompt reply. I have now received the bill. It shows the 3 meter readings for electricity on 9/7, 2/8 and 30/8 that I provided, but only the first reading for gas on 9/7. I did provide gas readings of 7131 on 2/8 and 7139 on 30/8 (as well as 7152 on 27/9), so can you tell me whether they have been documented? If not, there is perhaps a problem with your system?

Hi @peter453. We were still waiting on some technical information about your meter to arrive when those readings were submitted. They were in our pending folder. I have now added them to the account and you will be able to see them online.


OK, thank you Laura. I think it would help if I endeavour to submit meter readings on or around the 9th of the month in future.

That sounds perfect, @peter453! The ideal time would be on 7th or 8th, so we can use them for your statement on 9th.

Good. I will submit readings on the 7th of each month.

I submit meter readings on the last day of the month. This works fine for electricity & I usually get an accurate bill within 48 hours.

Why can’t the gas bill use the meter reading submitted at the same time as the electricity reading? I know project Nexus has to be used to check the reading for accuracy, but why use an arbitrary figure for the estimate when you have the actual reading. You could still call it an ‘Estimate’ until Nexus tells you it’s ok to call it a ‘Read’.

Last months estimate was 32 meter units - actual usage was 99. That’s a pretty wayward estimate considering you now have enough data to be within 20%,

@nicholas412 I can appreciate that it’s frustrating not having your actual readings taken into account. Your point about putting your readings as estimates until they’re validated is a good one and - I suspect - is more a regulatory issue than a technical one. My only suggestion is that you submit your readings a few days earlier to ensure they have time to validate.

The only thing project Nexus needs now is an ‘opt out’ box. :#