When are peak rates?

I would like to know when are peak rates? Says on the website peak rates does not apply on the weekends. night rate .“Off-peak runs from 7am-11pm and Overnight runs from 11pm-7am” still if peak rates are 40 pence. hwh in the south west how am I going to save? will be the same amount I would need to pay as for my current Supplier.

I would stick to your old supplier as Bulb are a terrible company, do not even come read your meter if you are disabled or ederly

Well, I guess it can not be that hard to read your meter off. You can always ask someone .once a month? I was just wondering when are peak rates usually… coz even though day and night rate are cheaper …peak rates are twice as much as on my current supplier. so prob for some would be even worse to change.

@Dave001 if you’re on an Economy7 Meter, there’s a list of peak rates here

The list is somewhat helpful, but it seems that nobody really knows what that Actual times are. I have just moved into a flat with storage heaters and an immersion heater that chews up the electric and was charged £273 for 45 days worth of electric by British Gas. I now switch the immersion on after 1am and switched it off at 8am. Watching the dial spin round was mesmerising for a bit, but am still concerned that it’s still using the “low rate” at 10.25am…Tonight is day 2 of the experiment to find out how I can save using storage heaters…such fun!