When are you planning to do this smart meter roll out?

Hi really sorry but I am feeling a bit grumpy about bulb and am considering leaving. I asked months ago about a smart meter trial/getting a smart meter and have still heard nothing. When are you planning the promised roll out people are posting about?
Just feel like an energy company that can’t supply smart meters is a bit like a veg shop that can’t stock carrots :wink: …not sure what the reasons could possibly be?!
Please brighten my January and send me a smart meter. Thanks!

Hi @wiltons, sorry to hear you’re feeling grumpy!

From other threads, Bulb have stated that the full smart meter rollout will be occurring from the middle of this year and the trial will be happening a couple of months beforehand.

I suspect they don’t want to state any specific date as they’ll be reliant on supply of the meters and availability of the installation company used.

Being on the trial we’ll probably be looking at getting March/April installation, but I’m not affiliated with Bulb in any way so I might be some way off the mark.

Just feel like an energy company that can't supply smart meters is a bit like a veg shop that can't stock carrots ;) ....not sure what the reasons could possibly be?!
Bulb are still quite a young and small company but have more than doubled their customer numbers in the last 4 months. There are a lot of things they still need to work on (Android app, Warm Home Discount, Prepay meters, and everything else on the roadmap) so I'm actually susprised that they've agreed to a mid 2018 rollout of Smart Meters!

Hi @wiltons thanks for your comment, @mowcius is right, we aren’t offering smart meters just yet but will be rolling out smart meters to our members through the second half of this year. This is because initially, only first-generation smart meters were being installed in the UK. If we installed one of these on your wall and you changed energy supplier you wouldn’t always be able to use the smart meter’s functionalities. We think it’d be a bit unfair to do that to our members, so we have been waiting for the second-generation meters as they will be able to communicate with any supplier.

The second generation meters are slowly becoming available now, and we will be trialing our roll out throughout the first half of the year so that your experience when we do give you a smart meter is as smooth as possible.

We are really excited about smart meters, and can’t wait to roll them out - so we’ll let you know when we’re ready!