When can I get a smart meter from Bulb?

All the text concerning this on your app says tjat smart meters will be rolled out in late 2018. Well it’s now getting on for October 2018. Is it likely that it’s not going to happen and if not maybe think about updating your information. I came to bulb on the green energy ticket but there seem to be other suppliers out there claiming to be green offering ways to monitor energy use in real time. Its becoming more attractive to switch.

Yep looks like Bulb aint the cheapest anymore! I went on Uswitch and I can save over £200 that im paying with BULB !

Hi @martyn123 We’re on track to start rolling out second generation smart meters by the end of 2018.

The timeline has been pushed back from the original plan of January 2018 because of industry-wide software delays that have impacted all suppliers.

This software, which is commissioned by the Government, is still not functioning as it should.

Unfortunately, all energy suppliers are waiting for this software to be fully functional before installing second generation (SMETS2) smart meters in larger volumes.

We will be in touch as soon as we can to install a smart meter for you.

It’s October now. The middle of October in fact. That leaves about 10 weeks of 2018 and if the software is still not ready, then the boots on the ground logistics of the install I won’t be getting my meter in 2018. I’d much rather you just said that than continue to spout “end of 2018”

Hi @Martyn123 ,

According to http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/20175/#Comment_20175 - they did actually start installing the SMETS2 smart meters in September so they are technically installing them now: but they probably won’t be doing large scale installations until the very end of this year (according to that post). You could be really lucky and demand may be high in area so they can schedule several people’s installations at once and ‘pick’ your area for one of the first to be installed in November/December, or you could be unlucky and be in a low-demand area (so they’ll have to send an engineer out 30miles+ for a single meter install… not really cost effective!) and it won’t be until sometime next year. Only time will tell - but you are “legally guaranteed” a smart meter if you want one before 2020 [I can’t remember if it’s before the start of 2020 or before the end of 2020].

According to https://www.smartenergygb.org/en/how-to-get-a-smart-meter/when-can-i-get-a-smart-meter

With some exceptions, it will generally be the case that:

towns and cities will be first before rural areas
rural Scotland will be first before rural England and Wales
houses will be first before flats
small flats will be first before large blocks

The delay has been outside of Bulb’s hands as the problem has been with the government appointed ‘Data Communications Company’ - SmartDCC [aka Capita] (see https://bulb.co.uk/blog/were-bringing-you-smart-meters-but-not-quite-yet-heres-why ).

Thank you for your honest reply. I have a lot of love for Bulb and don’t wanna loose that.

I love how with smart meters opinion seems to be bipolar: it’s all people whining that they don’t want one, or people whining that they’re not being installed fast enough!