When did BULB suddenly become so expensive

So, I moved to BULB about 3 years ago I guess, they were in the top 5 cheapest suppliers for gas & electric at the time, a loss leader probably.

Let’s face it, the gas & electric comes from the same place whatever, so service isn’t down to them, it’s down to the grid to supply. No issues there.

I guess the difference between a good & bad supplier then is whether they are any good on the admin. Can’t complain about that, but the price, they don’t even appear in the top 20 when I check them now.

I can save almost 10% in total by going to OVO or Octopus, which I’ll probably do tonight to be honest.

But I can’t believe that BULB are carrying on like this, surely they want to retain customers, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to contact them to get similar deals to elsewhere.

I assume they will be losing customers left right and centre shortly.

Come on Bulb, do something sensible, otherwise I’ll give my three grand a year to someone else.

Bulb don’t do deals, they have one price the vari-fair/unfair depending on your point of veiw.
I assume they will be losing customers left right and centre shortly. With two price rises this year your assumption is pretty much spot on, in fact sooner rather than later

Hi @rob.drinkwater -

@skippy64 is correct that we only have one Vari-Fair tariff. We adjust this in line with changes to wholesale costs and network costs, and always provide an explanation for any price changes at our blog here: https://bulb.co.uk/blog/category/price-watch. The variable tariff means that while prices may increase in line with these costs, we’ll also pass on savings to you if these costs go down.

I’ve sent you an email now in case you have any further questions.