When do I receive my 50 pounds for signing up a friend

Where’s my 50 pounds for signing up a friend

If you’ve referred someone it should show up on your dashboard at https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/refer and once they’ve been a member for 21 days, you’ll both be credited the £50. You can then either ask Bulb (via help@bulb.co.uk) to transfer that amount to your bank account or you can just keep it as a credit to your Bulb account (as I have) and reduce your monthly payments a bit.

@Stoney You will receive the £50 on the day you have switched to us. Let me know if you haven’t received this by then and I can check for you :slight_smile:

@stoney as @RichyB says, your £50 will be in your account your friend switches, which, I can see is not yet!