When do we receive the WHDS payment


I was just wondering as I am on Universal Credit, I usually receive the £140 and applied as usual. I was with Bulb for years, and was always put on my gas beginning of October…

Has anyone received this already?, or been with Bulb for a couple of years and know roughly what month it is added.

I am disabled and like many of us losing the £80 I cannot afford my heating on. Presently not had it on at all and sat with a scarf, a jumper and hat in bed where it is warm…

I am not being poor me kind of attitude, my feelings are, surely the disabled and low income require this payment now, when we need it, why the wait😔

Hi as a pensioner in the broader group last year I received WHD on the 4th of December & the year before I think it was the 16 December!! But WHD is applied to the electricity part of a bill and not your gas!! As friends with PAYG meters get the credit on electricity top-ups only!!
Take care J.

Hi @Shelbee :wave: and welcome back to the community :dancer:

We do state during the application process that payments will be made by 31st March as some cases will be selected for audit and will take longer to process. As @jforshawl20 advised, this typically is before the new year if you are not selected for audit.

@jforshawl20 in response to your comment about it only being for electric, we actually give members the option to have it all on one fuel, or split between both fuels. If your friends request it to be put on the gas meter, this should be accepted by the supplier.

– Robyn :bulb:


Thank you for your comment, I have read somewhere the date. I am on pay as you go with a smart meter, and definitely as far as I know choose on Gas, before when on a smart meter with Boost, it was one payment in the pot of credit with my own payments I added myself. With Bulb, it goes on Gas, which I am hoping won’t be long .

Who chooses the dates from when the payment is paid? Yourselves ( BULB) the Government? Thank you

I am on a smart meter, pay as you go, and I asked for Gas, as being a cold payment. However some dwellings may only have electricity. When with Boost, the payment was put in my credit and shared between gas and electric. When I filled in the form for Bulb, I asked to be put on gas as my fuel is gas. Thank you for replying to me. Would be nice to have an option when customers want to receive the extra as everyone different. Not everyone pays a quarterly bill for support and gets £140 towards the big winter bill. Personally everyone has different agendas. But either way, it is well received and helps a lot of customers.

@Shelbee we are given the deadline of 31st March for all payments to be made.

Once an application is received it starts to be processed so can be issued as soon as it’s done being processed. However some cases, as mentioned, are held back for audit which is why it takes a little longer.

– Robyn :bulb: