When do you want my meter reads?

Hi Will, just received an email from you saying you start supplying on Sat 17th. However you havent asked for any meter reads yet. Additionally my old provider has contacted me saying I need to provide the reads by now.
Cheers, Darren

Sorry - I should add - there’s no option for me to add these reads now on my dashboard. It says I should call a number to join?!?!?

Hi @seardarren yes we do need opening readings. We sent you an email on the 12th about it, but it might have ended up in a junk folder or something. We need a read before the 22nd for it to count as your opening reading, so any time before then is great.

I’ll have a look into why you’re not able to enter them straight into MyBulb. It looks like it might be related to why we can’t tell you when your night rate switches over. For now, send us over your meter readings and I’ll put them in for you. I’ll make sure you’re able to enter them for next time.


Gas: 52533
Elec (night / low): 25683
Elec (day / high): 33426

Thanks again, Darren

Thanks @seardarren I’ll get them plugged in for you. They’ll also be useful for helping the guys work out why it’s not playing ball.