When do your smart readings get recorded?

We are one of the lucky ones who have a (more or less) completely working smart meter installation.

But the processing at Bulb’s end seems a little random. Our readings are recorded on the last 3 days of the month and first day of the next month and not in between.

Do other people see similar or is this a quirk or our setup? When do your smart readings get recorded?

normally set-up to read your meter on a daily/monthly basis depending on the whims of your supplier

Yes. That’s what I expected. This is daily but only for a few days per month!

As I have smets1 meters from my previous supplier they don’t get read at all(boo-hoo) but if those days are consistent I think it would be safe to assume it’s a monthly basis

Are you referring to the readings that appear on your statement, or under your usage in the account portal? My statements do as you say, show just a couple of readings around the statement date. But on the portal I can see daily readings appearing, and these seem to be taken at midnight.

I’m on the smart tariff with half-hourly readings, so things might be different for you. I can’t access the half-hourly data, just the daily readings appear.

I’m talking about the “Readings” page of the app, which I’ve screenshotted above, which are also listed on the Energy Usage page.

I have the daily usage graph which does update every day, but the meter readings listed only cluster around my statement date at the beginning of the month.

I’m curious whether what I’m seeing is normal or if there is still something “eccentric” about my setup.

Sorry, I missed the screenshot.

In that case yes based on my experience I’d expect you to get readings showing up there every day. This is most likely a difference between the code running the smart tariff and the code running the standard system. When I briefly left the smart tariff for a week earlier this month, I stopped getting any readings appear at all.

Since you can see the usage graph updating everyday, that at least indicates that the data are there. This is just another thing that Bulb will have to fix with their new account/billing platform.