When is a smart meter not a smart meter?

Checked my statement and saw no money out for three months which left me with a credit of £480 with a potential £600 to come out.

Checked with the (admittedly) very helpful helpline and they passed the issue to ‘Billing’.

Billing did their thing and:

Previous Smart meter readings were, despite being marked on my bill as ‘Smart reading’ actually only really poor guesses.

Meter readings submitted by me seem to have been ignored even though they show on my statement as user submitted.

So, the upshot is I have been overpaying by more than £100 a month for over a year and have a credit of a few pennies shy of £1400.

It’s a n ice place to be but this is a significant error and money out of my account that I would rather have had for myself instead of Bulb having it.

And, I have the £400 government payment to come as well.

The issue here is that my statement clearly says these are smart readings.
They’re not and there’s nothing to say the error couldn’t have been in Bulb’s favour which means they could have easily got a Court order to put me on a pay as you go tariff and the first I would have known about it would be the Court ordered engineers turning up on my doorstep.

Seriously Bulb. Very polite and fit for purpose though your customer facing call centre is you ned to get the technical bit right.

It’s not difficult it’s called a SMART METER!