When is a smart meter not a smart meter

When you dont have one after a year since it was installed…
The ONLY reason I decided to get a smart meter, was so I didnt have to do manual readings…What a waste of time…been a year… Smart meter is still dumb… & no home monitor, not that it would be of any use, due to afore mentioned dumb smart meter…oh * payments increase…dont start me…

Vote with your keyboard

I intend to … :slight_smile:

Seems to be the only language these energy companies speak.
Uswitch (and others) must be crying all the way to the bank. :joy:

You wont be able to switch suppliers with a smart meter not working properly. The new supplier is not allowed to try and get it fixed it has to be the installing supplier. Maybe thats why they are not working on install because they know we cannot leave!

I`ll just tell them I dont have a smart meter… which I dont

Only problem with that is it will be registered on the National Database as such.
Still, worth a try, nothing to lose, as they say nothing ventured nothing gained

What I’m trying to say is that your smart meter will be left like that forever if you change. If you don’t mind it not ever working then switch.

ach, Im moving home next year, so I can hang around with bulb for now…then jump ship

Hi @deek_F, I can see that my colleague enquired with our Smart team and unfortunately we won’t be able to get your meters enrolled onto the Smart network at this moment. We are working on getting all meters that are in this state enrolled, as a couple and as an industry, but unfortunately it is a case of submitting meter readings in the meantime.