When is discount going to be added?

Can anyone tell me what the hold up is on receiving the warm home discount. It’s usually in my account in October. I received my dwp letter weeks ago. I checked my account today and it’s still not been added to my account yet…

Are you in the core group who don’t need to apply for it (i.e mostly pensioners) or the broader group who have to apply for it (everyone else including working benefits)? The payments are usually December to March in my experience

Hi Durdledoor,
We receive pension credit and have done for years. When we were with Ovo,and British gas, it was always in our account by the first week of November the latest. We’ve been with Bulb 4 years now and WHD has always been put into our account by October, and last year in November. It just seems that they are keeping it longer to keep the company afloat. I could be wrong. :thinking: We’re still in credit so I’m sure it’ll be ok.

Hi @Bootsy2 and @durdledoor :wave:

Thank you both for your posts.

The deadline for Warm Home Discount payments is actually March 2022.

Other than that date there is not a specific time frame for the payments to reach you.

However, since you’re in the core group I would imagine the payment would be in your account sooner than March.

Sorry I’m not able to give a specific date but please let me know if you have any more queries

Ele :bulb:

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