When is my day rate and night rate?

Please advise when night and day rates apply

Hi @Steven,

You can work this out yourself with a little information from your meter (or bill)

See this thread here for a guide.

It is however most likely 00:00-08:00 or 23:30-07:30.

One thing to also check periodically is that your meter clock is correct (to GMT, it’s always GMT - something to be aware of for the summer) as if this is out, the times that your electricity is cheaper will also be out. Bulb can send someone to fix it if it’s significantly out of time.

Hi @Steven

Using that information, your meter is:

@mowcius You’ve taught me something today, added that link to the bookmarks.

@“Rob at Bulb”, @phproxy gets the credit there as I also wasn’t aware of it until that thread.