When is the off-peak Period for EV charging?

Hi, when are the best times to charge an EV on the Vari-Tariff?

If you mean at what times is the rate at its cheapest, from what I’ve read, it’s 0200 to 0600.

That’s what I thought but I can’t make sense of the EV charging costs on this app. My car charged between 2-6am this morning and used 7kWh according to the logs on my Zappi wall unit. That should be 35p according to the tariff but the app shows I used over £1. How can I check my smart meter readings??

(I tried to post an image of the logs but I’m a new user and not allowed to yet )

Hi @AlwaysSmilin @Anton59 @murray.callander

Thanks for posting the answer @Anton59 The off-peak rate runs from 2-6am for our EV tariff.

@murray.callander I’ve just sent you a quick email that way I can take a better look at what’s showing up in your bulb app.

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@HollyG_At_Bulb. I am not on the EV tariff, bit vari, what is it on that please?

Hi @AlwaysSmilin

You’re currently on our Vari-Fair 1-rate tariff, so you have a single unit rate rather than a peak and off-peak rate like with the EV tariff or Vari-Fair 2-rate.

You can check your tariff details here in your Bub account.

Hope that’s a little more helpful!

@HollyG_At_Bulb, so the cheapest time for me to charge is 02:00 - 06:00

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If you are on the EV tariff. If you are on standard tariff it is the same cost throughout the day.

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Hey @AlwaysSmilin, @Flanflinger hit the nail on the head :blush: because you’re on a single-rate tariff at the moment, there isn’t a cheaper time to charge your EV.

Looking at your account I can see that because you have 1st gen smart meters which we haven’t been able to connect to, you aren’t currently eligible for the EV tariff. Do keep checking though as we may be able to enroll these at some point. – Miriam :electric_plug: