When the credit is 156, then what is the need to increase the monthly payment amount, it is not decreasing even

My balance is in credit with GBP156, and my monthly usage from the last six months’ statements revealed that I am not using energy much, then why I cannot reduce the monthly payment, even there is a comment to increase the monthly payment from 83 to 114. How to update it as I do not want to increase credit now.

Hey @AnupamaModi Welcome to our community :wave:

Sorry about the issues with your payments, it seems the recent estimates are higher than what you have been using so we can look at amending the payment.

Based on this we can look at adjusting the payment as the increased payment suggestion was based on the bigger estimate.

We would suggest a reduction to between £70-75 or we can refund you all but a months payment to you.

Let us know here if you want to do either of those things, if you would like us to email you more details then feel free to tell us here.

–Carl :bulb: