When to place a meter reading

When I first joined Bulb I opted to make a monthly payment on the 1st of each month and I also took meter readings on that date. I started getting emails from Bulb near the end of each month stating that a meter reading is now required. I started sending meter reading 3 days before the end of the month. Now however when I check my account I see my meter readings (customer) but that on the 1st of each month Bulb then do an estimated reading and on checking today this estimate is higher than the energy that I’ve actually used. I’d like to pat each month for the energy I’ve actually used, I don’t understand as to why Bulb do an estimate 3 days after I’ve submitted the readings. The way I can think of getting around this is to revert to sumitting meter readings on the 1st of each month and ignore the annoying Bulb emails asking me for a reading beforehand?


Do you wait until you receive the email which says “Keeping your account shipshape” before submitting your readings?

If you submit your reading before this then it is highly likely you will receive an estimated bill covering the extra days between when you sent your reading and when they should have been sent.

If your bill is due to be prepared on 1 st month, then I don’t think you deciding to submit your reading on the same day will actually result in an accurate bill possibly the reverse.

My payment is also due on 1st month and I submitted my readings on the 29 September in line with the email I received from Bulb.on 28 September.

I have just received my bill on 1 October and it shows it was based on my actual readings sent on 29 September.