When to read meters?

Hi there, so I was just wondering if i reading my metres wrong as each month I have estimated on my bill, so bulb take money from my bank on 4th of the month and my bill is due the 7th but when I get the bill the month is always from like August 2nd - September second so i usually sub my metres on the 1st of the month, is this too early? or too late? thanks for your helping.

Hi @jklouk

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I’ve taken a look into your account and it looks like we generate your bill on the 2nd of every month. Therefore if you submit you reading on the 1st of every month your bill won’t contain estimates. As long as we get a reading a couple of days before the bill is due, this will be fine.

You can access your bills here if you need to.

As you’ve got two electricity meters you’ll need to provide a reading for both to ensure that there are no estimates on your bill.

Thank you , I think this is why then as one of my metres is for my heating and I haven’t used it much so it doesn’t change that often in the warmer months.

Thank you for your help

Ah yes, if we haven’t had the reading then our estimations would most likely not match your low usage! Your bill will update once your reading has been submitted. :slightly_smiling_face: