When to submit meter readings

Hi Bulb, I try to submit regular readings. When I get a statement notice by email it says “If you can, send us a meter reading within three days of receiving your monthly payment reminder each month. Then your statement will accurately reflect your usage. Without them, we’ll use estimated readings instead.”

However, I’m certain I’ve never had a reminder and so I’m just submitting readings when I remember to do so? Are reminders something I have to set up or subscribe to separately? If so, please can you tell me how?

Many thanks

Hi @dcecampbell ,

I receive a monthly email with the subject ‘Your monthly payment reminder’ from hello@bulb.co.uk with the details

Keeping your account shipshape Hi ....,

Just so you know, your monthly payment of £… will come out of your bank account in three days.

If you’d like us to calculate your monthly statement using your actual usage, enter a meter reading in your Bulb Account today or tomorrow. No worries if you can’t, we’ll use an estimated reading instead.

I last received this on the 2nd of November and on the 5th of November, I got my ‘Your Bulb account update’ email from hello@bulb.co.uk with my statement.

Have you checked your spam folder?

Just to confirm that I get exactly as @RichyB has described.

Are reminders something I have to set up or subscribe to separately?
No. EDIT: Just checked emails after posting, and this month's reminder in is the inbox, ahead of statement date on 17th.