When will Bulb adhere to 'we will aim to resolve within 5 business days'


I have been in touch quite a few times now - and certainly from 26th November. Still the issue is not resolved - you are not working to the guidelines you publish.

Will I be compensated as a customer for all the time I have to spend writing emails, sitting on your Bulb Chat line or trying to ring you? It is appalling


T hey just put that in to fill an otherwise empty space, you weren’t meant to take it literally, or as Gospel inscribed in stone

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I remember the good old days when my account actually got credited (£10 I think it was) when it took them 6 days to reply to an email.

Those days are loooooong gone.

Errm the fact the we have covid and lockdown perhaps!
Try and be more empathetic dude you are not going to get anywhere jumping up and down be cool and just have some sympathy for all the engineers who are having to do overtime to work in covid infested feral houses full of morons who dont obey covid rules - half of the engineers in my area are off sick because they are having to deal with idiots assaulting them and blaming them for all the leccie ills!

While I’m sure that isn’t helping, it seems clear that Bulb have not ensured that they have sufficient staff to cope with the growth in their customer base. And then have failed to manage expectations accordingly (eg don’t promise smart meter installations when you haven’t got the engineers!)

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Resolved my issue with my in-home display not getting my electricity meter readings in a few days by telling me to turn it off for 3 months and then turn it back on… does that count. only two and a half months until I can see both my working gas meter has disconnected and my electricity doesn’t reconnect.

You will be looking forward to that :rofl:

I raised an issue with them seven weeks ago and all I have had is an automated response. I have submitted phots of meter readings and like you have emailed numerous times, but to no avail. In my case they took a wrong smart meter reading and stole £600 from my account. I’m sure they’re stretched with Covid, but seven weeks is pretty poor. Did your issue get resolved?

Could be worse it took Scottish Power over 5 years…yes 5 years to fix my broken meter in which time i had over £15,000 free leccie and even got compensation and all bills cancelled into the bargain and that was not in these covid times.

You think engineers want to come into peoples homes with covid???
As i said two of the engineers i know are off sick but are really just not wanting to go into customers houses so they are out doing homers whilst they are on sick leave and i believe it is quite commonplace not just with energy companies but with the cable broadband providers - i mean would you want to go into a house of the “great unwashed” feral society we have now in the uk and risk your and your families life?

Might be a pain but it is worth thinking about it from the other side of the coin!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments. We are experiencing particularly high inflow right now.

We have many channels to get in touch by, the quickest would be live chat, Facebook and Twitter. These are monitored and usually guarantee a quicker response than emails currently.

If you have an emergency, are over 65, or are facing financial difficulty, you can call our phone line on 0300 303 0635.

If theres anything specifically I can help with, let me know here!