When will energy prices go up?

I received an email from Bulb saying that their tariffs will go up this year.
Can’t find the email anymore. Which month will that be?

Do you mean the email in December which read:

You might have seen in the news that energy prices rose sharply last week. We just wanted to reassure you that since we buy our energy three months in advance, we don't need to change our prices now.

There’s a chance we may have to increase our prices in March 2018. If we do, we promise to give you 60 days notice. And we never charge exit fees, so you can leave us anytime at zero cost.

We’ve written a blog with more info on how wholesale energy costs are changing because we think it’s important to keep you informed.

If so, they did not say the prices WERE going up: just that they MIGHT and, if they do - you’ll be given 60 days notice if you want to move elsewhere (without any penalties or exit costs).

As far as I know, Bulb have not yet announced any price rises, so under the contract/promise, the absolute earliest prices MIGHT go up is the 9th of April: but if Bulb don’t announce the prices today (unlikely at 6.30pm), then the earliest will be the 10th of April and so on until/if they are announced.

@quirks indeed everything @RichyB said was correct. We’re still monitoring wholesale prices and will let you know if we do need to increase our tariff. As @RichyB said, we’ll give 60 days notice from communication to price change.